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IG18-32 Energy Management and Awareness for Sensitive People

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest Arne Pedersen, on air from August 7th

This is an understanding of how we can get negatively drained physically, mentally, and emotionally by other peoples energy, and what we can do to keep this from happening. Will covers areas like: • How to keep negative energy from affecting you • How do negative energy drains happen? • How to fill your energy back up if you are feeling drained • How to monitor and balance your energy throughout the day • How to keep your personal and work energy separate • How to set work aside when it’s done, so you don’t bring its energy home with you.





As a highly sensitive person who struggled with social anxiety, panic attacks, and negative thoughts, Arne Pedersen was also very challenged with getting drained around other people’s energy. On his path to healing these difficulties, this led to training in Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing. When he started seeing clients these old challenges made it difficult because he would take on his client’s energy which would adversely affect him. This motivated Arne to create an effective system of how to manage his energy and emotions, not only with his clients but also in everyday life as well. This is now an in-person and online workshop program called Mastering Your Essential Energy (Energy Management for Sensitive People). Arne also created and runs the online and in-person 6 week Freedom Through Mindfulness Program, to help people to understand how stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and negative thoughts happen and learn the ability to heal them. IMAGINE having the tools and understanding to process through whatever emotions and feelings that come up for you through any life experience you choose to do? Now that’s freedom!

Arne’s Free Offer                                            Free one hour webinar:                                     Free Yourself from, Stress, Anxiety, and Neg Energy: free-webinar-signup-page


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