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Coming Home to my Divine Purpose.

I have recently been going through a soul cleans with Lidia Antunes-Frederico, she has cleaned out past imprints that were stopping me from receiving and growing. It has been such a wonderful experience I HAD TO SHARE IT.


She took me to my childhood to see my inner child, find a happy childhood experience she says, well I found some, but they were always of me alone, but not lonely. I realize that my existence has always been to fly, I come from the sky the universe and my soul spirit and heart are there. As a child I played with dead people, their energy and thought nothing of it, I flew up into the universe with complete ease, I saw things and counselled people from a very young age and I always knew because of my knowing ness. I was soul free and with divine love never alone.

But; I grew up in a world of hate, judgement, fear and lack of soul knowledge. My job has always to be an awakener of souls of other awakeners, from the beginning of my time that has been my role. To show the souls how to connect, to show them their possibilities, to show them the path for which they are meant to walk on, it has been my many life time roles.

But, the world became dark thunderous loud and disconnected. The flight or fight mode became all too prevalent and people lost their belief in a wonderful life and soul connection. One of the things I have not enjoyed is feeling the soul pain of others, feeling their hopelessness, and with time and many life times I too began to feel that way and because of it lost my way. I became disconnected to my soul, my heart became painful to feel, my spirit broken and my mind filled with confusion, fear hate loss and loneliness. I was lost.

In 1994 a wonderful women freed me of 172 past lifetimes, of a pattern that was blocking me from embracing my purpose my spirit. It was a wonderful experience to be reborn, to discover me, not my past patterning. I felt my heart grow once again filled with love, my soul had a voice once again and connected me to my divine home, my spirit could fly again and my mind just let go, let go, let go. I was me, the me I was meant to be, the me who was free.

Then it was decided that I needed to be grounded, to connect with this earth and feel its pain, oh so painful so heavy too loud, it hurt me it bought me back down and I fought to be free again. It has been 9 years now, I have learnt what I needed to know from being grounded, but it is my time to fly again, but I had forgotten how. I was a phoenix always being able to go and get me knowledge and bring it back, but I could not fly anymore.

This where Lidia comes in, through her working with me, she removed some elements that were still deep in me and stopping me from receiving. Since she has done that it has opened an appreciation for my work and being for which I am not accustomed too. I am suddenly heard and seen and acknowledge, normally that is me advocating for everyone else for that is what ‘Self Discovery Radio” does. I am receiving beautiful notes from people I have interviewed, being put in the books in acknowledgment, they are posting my stations link and logo for others to find on their sites, and becoming supported in my work bringing you people like Lidia to your attention, and I have to say, it is so nice to be seen and heard.

In one of my meditations of Lidia’s it took me home, I have been for so long now be begging to go home to the universe to once again connect my soul to source, but I had lost my wings and how to fly. In her mediation she took me back but more to where I belong now and in what role. Oh I am so in love with my purpose, my very purpose in being, I see my role and now because of been set free again I am now understanding even more my divinity.

I saw a tree a golden crystal tree willowing its branches down to earth, each branch with my love and divine energy on feeding the souls who will now be the awakeners, giving them my love and strength to fuel the world with love and vision. I am in a crystal realm filled with colourful fractal crystal diamonds creating a home in which to base myself on, I am home in the universe connecting to the awakeners and I am free of the thunder of earth, this is my place, this is my purpose, this is my divine role, to serve those who guide others to freeing their souls and connecting with the divine source of home.

As I dance in freedom with the colours of the Northern Lights and the Angels of life, I feel the universal love, I feel the divine energy, I feel my presence I know my existence. I now can freely give myself to me work, supporting the awakeners the liberators, the guiders of spirit heart and soul and know that the universe will provide for my needs for I am doing what I was put on earth to do, be the awakener of awakeners and the work they do.

I know I need to dance again, I need music back in my life, I need to fly in my sky and dance amongst the energy beams and paly with the Angels and feel my knowingness again. I need to trust my freedom and the people who come into my life, as a friend, an awakener, or as an advocate, we need to support each other, for we all have a divine role and in that we find our peace, our joy, and our reason for being.

Thank you Lidia for setting me free, thank you everyone for believing in me and for acknowledging my purpose in supporting you and the divine work you do, we are in this together and united we rise and energies this world into all its beauty and glory.

Sara Troy

Owener-Opperator-Host of Self Discovery Radio

For Lidias shows with me please do tune in and set your soul free


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