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C16/28b How to Un-crazy Your physical and mental barriers.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Doug Setter aired July 12th-


I was born with a club foot and wore corrective shoes. I survived pneumonia three times by the time that I was six years old. Growing up in Surrey, I took my share of beatings. At age 18, I joined the army at the body weight of 120 pounds. I later gained 35 pounds of muscle, ran five full marathons and competed in kick-boxing in Canada and Hong Kong. At age 39, I went to university to earn a Bachelor of Human Ecology. At age 40, I won a welter weight kick-boxing championship. At age 47, I climbed Mount Rainier. I am the author of Stomach Flattening, Reduce Your Alcohol Craving, One Less Victim and an awarding winning teen novel: Selo.

I know what it is like to be picked last for sports teams, laughed at for trying out for the track team and almost refused to the military for being underweight.  (Yes, there used to be height and weight restrictions.)

To be the shy, skinny kid getting slammed around the school hallways or beat up in a parking lot, fishing dock and even a front living room was not a good time.

It definitely took a little soul-searching, research and trial-and-error to figure out that most of the mainstream advice about fitness, nutrition and self-defence, was very limited.



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“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

It took some time, but I was able to break through ( self-imposed) physical and mental barriers allowing me to: – Gain 40 pounds of muscle – Become a paratrooper – Go from a “C” average high school student to earning a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition – Run full marathons – Climb Mount Rainier (at age 47) – Compete in kick-boxing in Canada and Asia. – Win a kick-boxing championship at age 40

Here some breathing tips which is the basis of everything you will do.


With a background in nutrition, running, Pilates, kick-boxing, Preying Mantis kung fu and outdoor and military skills, I have helped hundreds of people get out of their physical and personal ruts by getting stronger and healthier. Also Reducing alcohol craving through nutrition. Anti- bullying. The serial crime victim.



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