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C16/07a Uniting at the “ConsciousCafe”

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Judy  Piatkus aired from February 16/16 

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ConsciousCafe is a social network and community. We aim to raise global consciousness, one conversation at a time, and to inspire profound connection.

Based in London UK, the Conscious Cafe is a safe haven for those seeking and embracing the divine consciousness. Our purpose is to raise awareness by encouraging rich, nurturing and thought-provoking dialogue which creates deep connection and promotes conscious expansion both internally and externally.

We are passionate about bringing like-minded people together to explore new ideas, to learn, to connect and to share.

We offer a range of friendly activities, always in a safe space. If you are on your personal journey, you will be sure to find something here that resonates with you. Look out for our new events and get in touch to meet people who live near you. We hope that this inspires other Cafe where people can embrace their Conscious Spirit.



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  http;//


Sarah Lee - Judy Piatkus, for Colman Getty.

Judy Piatkus

Self-made entrepreneur Judy Piatkus founded Piatkus Books from her bedroom and over the next 25 years grew it into a successful global independent book publishing company. Piatkus was a pioneer in personal development titles and in specialist commercial fiction. Judy completed a successful exit in 2007, selling the company to Little Brown who have retained the imprint name. Judy now has a portfolio career which includes a range of business interests, keynote speaking, working with startups as adviser and mentor (with emphasis on leadership skills) and running Conscious Cafe, a fast-growing network for people who are interested in personal and spiritual development.

Twitter: judypiatkus

Facebook: ConsciousCafe

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