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C 17-15b Eternal Dharma with Vishnu Swami

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Vishnu Swami, on air from April 11th 

Eternal Dharma

How to Find Spiritual Evolution Through Surrender and Embrace Your Life’s True Purpose

By Vishnu Swami, The Maverick Monk

The Book That Decodes “Dharma” for the Everyman, and Illuminates a Simple Path to

“Passionate Enlightenment” Lived in the Real World 


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 In Eternal Dharma, he addresses: To most people raised in a Western culture, Dharma is an ancient Eastern word of vague concept…what does it have to do with your fate, your duty, your Karma? Oftentimes parodied on television, it seems to be something vaguely mystical.

But in a powerful new book meant for everyone seeking purpose and deep spiritual connection, Eternal Dharma makes clear that Dharma is something that everyone must grasp to achieve a life of alignment with their own nature and the nature of the Divine. Without that, success, love, and joy are elusive and hard to achieve.

Eternal Dharma,How to Find Spiritual Evolution Through Surrender and Embrace Your Life’s True Purpose is not a book just for die-hard spiritual seekers. Vishnu Swami, also known as The Maverick Monk, has taken the essential teachings of the 5,000 Hindu teachings The Vedas and distilled them into an exuberant, loving and practical guide for today’s average person looking for more out of life.

Dharma is simply the true nature of anything. As Vishnu points out, a water’s purpose is to be wet and flow. If you turn it into ice, it will always return to its natural state–when not held in its unnatural state by reducing the temperature. If you try to use anything against its true nature, it will fail to serve and the road will be bumpy.  Similarly, every person has a purpose. If they act in accordance with their true nature, they will succeed and achieve their intended role. Thus, if people or things are not in their Dharmic state – in a state of alignment with their true nature – no progress can be made without a struggle.

Eternal Dharma gives people the tools to discover their Dharma, and then how to use that as a springboard to unravel the mysteries of achieving Passionate Enlightenment, a state of deep, loving, connection and alignment with the Divine.

Vishnu reveals his Unprecedented Elemental Reality System, an entirely revolutionary understanding of the physical elements of earth/water/fire/air/ether (known and observed in Chinese and Indian cultures) and three new subtle elements that create a hierarchy which allows us to master our lives and create tangible results.

Understanding the Unprecedented Elemental Reality System opens the door to the spiritual evolution and surrender that can lead to a joyful life lived in concert with the Divine in a practical real-world environment, without having to be a monk in an ashram.

Revealing these ancient teachings in a way everyone can understand is just one of the methods that Vishnu Swami has both aligned with his spiritual tradition, and at the same time defined it – earning him the nickname of The Maverick Monk. Raised in a monastery in India from the age of 11, he was sent into the world to teach the wisdom of the Vedas everywhere from Bengali villages to American cities. He has bestowed the honor of becoming the youngest swami ever at the age of 23 by one of the world’s greatest bhakti-yoga masters.

But far from living the sheltered life of a traditional monk today, Vishnu is a youthful respected personal growth and spiritual leader who is just at home with millennials, college students, working professionals and simply the curious, as he is with those consciously looking for spiritual advancement. He has been featured on TV and radio, in newspapers internationally and in an award-winning spiritual documentary. His true joy at communion with the Divine spills over into every page, and his deep desire to make that accessible to all permeates the book with love for his readers.

  1. How to know and experience your true Dharma

  2. The difference between your Eternal Dharma and your Temporary Dharma

  3. How to influence the 8 elements to increase your ability to love and create what you choose for yourself

  4. A way to create new identities that allow you to become the person you desire to be

  5. How to free yourself from pain and suffering to reach pure, transcendental love

If you would like to interview Vishnu Swami, so he can decode the mastery of Dharma in a simple and easy way, please send an email with the name of the show, your contact information, a proposed date and time, and the calling details.

Vishnu Swami

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