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C15/49b Nancyland books, reach for Mars, the Moon and the Sky!

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Nancy Guettier aired December 8th-24th

Singer-songwriter and children’s book author Nancy Guettier inspires children with her See It-Believe It-Achieve-It Mantra. Through her five award-winning, acclaimed Nancyland books, she empowers children to be the best version of themselves-and even reach for Mars, the Moon and the Sky! 


Guettier finds inspiration in each of her children to write entertaining and educational stories. Guettier’s style is whimsical and fun, making learning effortless.  Each of her children’s books have a holistic approach with educational twists.

Guettier has produced an award-winning short film based on Mermaids on Mars complete with her original songs. It has been invited to and won various film festivals including Best Animated Short at the Carmel International Film Festival, Best Animation at the LA Underground Film Festival, LA Children’s Film Festival and others.  This will likely inspire a full-length film and a TV series, according to the author.

“Just like in nature you can’t force a tree to grow it just does -so I surrendered my ego and let go and amazing things happened. That is what led me to where I am today, a thriving business, fluid creative thoughts, the right people on my path, loving kids and a supportive partner by my side,” stated Guettier.



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Some of Guettier’s secrets for success are: she cleanses her body four times a year and make sure she takes care of herself so she can provide for her kids and keep a youthful healthy appearance. She believes in putting her best self forward to deliver a positive message:  “You need to live the life you want to present to the world.  Mind body and spirit all illuminated to shine onto others while shining bright inside yourself and your home,” Guettier shares. Habitat for Humanity receives a portion of Nancyland book proceeds.


Personal Inspiration

After adopting her three children, Nancy was inspired to write books that are not only appealing and whimsical, but that also provide educational content. Most importantly, she feels strongly about offering kids the opportunity to learn about new topics.

Movie Trailer 

Mermaids on Mars Film Trailer from Athena Studios on Vimeo.

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Nancy donates some of her proceeds to Habitat for Humanity, buy a book and support the building of lives. 

The five-book series from publisher Morgan James Kids includes: 

  1. Mermaids on Mars

  2. Roy G. Biv is Mad at Me Because I LOVE PINK!

  3. Circus in the Sky

  4. Jude’s Moon

  5. I Wish



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