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C 15/42b “Indestructible You”: Building a Self that Can’t be Broken

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Tim Ward aired October 20th-26th

We are all on a journey of Self Discovery but who guides on our road and how “Indestructible” can we make ourselves along the way? 

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In essence: Life is like an eternal seesaw. At every given moment you’re either up – getting what you want and feeling powerful, or down – finding yourself rejected, weakened and frustrated. We are forever hoping to bend the laws of this ‘unfair game’ so that we stay on the up-side of life. But this unrealistic insistence is why we suffer. “Indestructible You” reveals the way to step down from the eternal seesaw and build an unbreakable self, a self that remains fearless and strong no matter what life throws at you. Impressively ‘user friendly’ from beginning to end, “Indestructible You: Building a Self that Can’t be Broken” is insightful, informative, practical, and inspiring. Very highly recommended for personal and community library Self-Help/Self-Improvement collections.



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tim ward

His newest book, Inedstructible You, looks at transformation from the perspective of Power, and how the struggle for power affects our sense of health and well being. His co-author, Shai Tubali, is a therapist and expert on the subject of power. Tubali’s ideas form the heart of the book. (And indeed, q good place to start is to ask, Tim, Why did you and Shai Tubali decided to write this book together?

New books to change your life in 2015:

Indestructible You


The Caveman Rules of Survival

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Indestructible You

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Integration: The Power of Being Co-active in Work and in Life

Mindfulness and Madness

The Master Communicator’s Handbook and 

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