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BB20-27 Andrew Scheffer The Wharton Monk Meditations.

Building your business with Sara Troy and Andrew Scheffer, on air from June 30th

Are you suffering from

  1. Burnout from putting out fires at work, managing their teams and meeting deadlines

  2. Difficulty shutting off the inner chatter, stopping the inner critic, and unable to be present for meetings while at the office or family members when at home.

  3. Supporting their teams as they navigate today’s difficult and uncertain environments.

  4. Work-related stress bleeding into their family relationships

In college at The Johns Hopkins University, my freshmen roommate turned out to be suicidal. This, combined with being at a top university with an enormous workload, led to me feeling enormous stress and pressure. I sought out books and then teachers who could show me tools that could help me when I needed it most. When I first started practicing mindfulness, I was 20 and studied with westerners who had spent years in Asia living as monks and studying with great masters. I found something compelling about them as individuals because they had an intangible quality that I wanted for myself. Maybe it was happiness, maybe it was a lightness of being even beyond the normal experiences. Whatever it was, I sensed it and wanted it for myself. This led me on a journey over the course of 25 years of seeking out the living Buddhist masters and learning from them directly rather than through intermediaries. What I learned during that time, was that it was not necessary to filter the source teachings, but great benefit could reach more people if they were granted direct access. The only problem was, I understood that most people would not go to Asia or have the chance to study directly with a teacher. Fortunately, the system that they thought from I learned over the course of my 25 years and I am happy to share with you . I have done my best to pass on the direct methods and inspiration, without the cultural or religious aspects. I have applied these methods to my own life and career which has included high pressure jobs at global investment banks and wealth management firms. I have also applied these same methods with much benefit in my relationships with my spouse and children. Bio: Teacher & Technique

Teacher: Andrew Scheffer – The Wharton Monk is the only person with an MBA who trained for over 10,000 hours with world-leading meditation teachers and Buddhist Monks. He can save you years of searching for a method that works in the midst of busy careers and family demands.

Technique: The Wharton Monk method works especially well for people who want clear methods and measurable results. It appeals to Type “A” personalities who are used to working in stressful jobs with a long list of responsibilities and who like being held accountable for their results with little free time to spare. Giveaway: 5 Ws of Mindfulness and/ Ebook


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