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20-46 May Blue Unite America

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air November 10th

I have not made it a secret that I do not like Trump and his administration. I do not like his morals, his lack of respect for others and for how he has stirred America’s discontent into hate and division.

I do not know how Biden and Harris will be, but at least they will be coherent and as they have already proven, work for Americans and unite the with the world again.

I know I am Canadian, I can hear mind your own business, but Trump made it our business too when he decided he did not like us. All around the world, there have been cheers of joy for him to be out and to have someone with who they can converse with.

No matter our differences, we should not be pitched against each other. One world, one planet one life to live in grace and purpose and we all get to share this wonderful world and we need to step up and be kind to planet earth and to each other.

So what ever the outcome, if you liked it or not, it is time to come together and heal, re build, listen to one another, and realize that our fears are common in most ways, and when there is not someone stir up the hate into mindless hysteria, we can see each other in a way that is respectful.


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