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20-32 Failure or just a Redirection?

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy , on air from August 4th

A Failure (nonperformance of something due, required, or expected) it does not mean that you are a failure, just that you tried something and it was not right or was there just to be a lesson learned.

In my eyes failure is giving up, making excuses to not try again and inability to redirect. Failure is a lesson, what did you learn from it? which redirection is it putting you in? How will you try next time?

I have had many perceived failures, I look at them as redirects, for they taught me many things and some of them was I was going in the wrong direction. It was time to redirect with the knowledge learnt and apply to the next path of discovery.

I know it can take some time to get over a failure, but lick your wounds, hug your self, have the pity party, but take the next step even if you do not know where it is going.


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