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19-29 Are we being guided by cosmic forces?

We are fascinated by aliens, but we always see them as an enemy, are they and how much influence have they had on us through our existence?

I believe that through history alien forces have been guiding us forward with knowledge and divinity to strengthen us and propel us forward to a level where they can reveal themselves to us and be welcomed.

They live among us, we are a part of them and their teachings have subliminally and overtly been instilled in us. It must be very frustrating for them to see us hell-bent on destroying ourselves instead of uplifting ourselves to greater heights.

Why is it in our nature to make everything and every one an enemy? Why are we incapable or unwilling to rise up to a higher frequency and open our unused minds to see the wonders of the universe and what amazing knowledge we could be open too if we got out of our fear and or ego.

History shows us evidence of extraterrestrials living here and helping us develop this world, but we still question it in doubt. Signs are all around us of extraordinary things happening that humanly cannot be explained, so why are we still on the fence?

Rather like Star Trek, they are they here to observe as we grow without direct interference, but they choose a few to download their knowledge to help us grow? Our Leonardo, Tesla, Einstien, Ancient Prophets, Moses, and so many more creative change-makers were channeled information that would propel humanity forward. Let us not dismiss us and our own ability to open up those channels and receive the knowingness we need, or the children who are beyond their years in wisdom, skills, talents, and creativity and are changing the world.

If we are open to a conversation we would all share an unexplained experience and a knowingness that guided us, but we are so scared of judgment and condemnation for others that we ignore the sign right in front of us. Let us not let fear, ignorance, and unwillingness to explore and be open to what wisdom can be given us, for that is how we have lived for thousands of years and all it did was to slow us down and find ways to kill each other.

Let us be more open, let us get out of our fear, our EGO, and open our minds to what the universe is showing us. Our earth is in trouble because of us, at its core, it is dividing because of our angry, hateful, negative, greedy power hungry vibrations and it needs to stop. Only by raising our vibe frequency to a higher level will we save this planet, all life forms on it and ascend in our lifetimes to higher knowledge and comprehension of what we are here to do.



We do not know what is out there of what it means for us until we are ready to learn and stop being so afraid.


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