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18-15 Quit Smoking, But How? Try the BMP Method

The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins and her guest Barbara Miller, on air from April 10th

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It seems to be an obvious that if you want to be well and healthy in mid-life if you are a smoker you want to quit.  While that may be obvious, millions of people struggle with how to successfully quit smoking.

Barbara Miller is a Nicotine expert and ex-smoker who has created the successful BMP method.  She shares with us her story and how she created this method to help smokers quit in a way that is painless and successful.

Barbra shares with us some of the difficult times in her life and how she transformed her life using this method not to just quit smoking but for other transformational changes, she needed to make in her life. If you are a smoker or knows someone who smokes, this is a can’t miss interview.





As an author, quit smoking facilitator and a motivational speaker, Barbara Miller delivers an inspiring message, which tells people that anything is possible and to never give up. It is a message Barbara Miller has learned from her own life and one she is helping others apply to their lives.

Barbara’s parents divorced when she was only three. Her father raised her, after having proven to the courts that he could do so without a mother’s help. Barbara’s story is one of survival, perseverance and determination. As a child, she was very quiet and observant, which led to her being mislabeled as a slow learner. This type of labelling denied Barbara access to the education system. The misdiagnosis led to segregation which, in turn, developed into daily humiliation. The school system badly scarred her and its effects stayed with her, damaging her self-esteem to such an extent that it took many years to overcome.

While Barbara was battling against seven years of chronic fatigue caused by thyroid cancer, she continued her in-home studies; book after book, year after year. Each year, while recovering from her difficult past, Barbara forged ahead with a passion to prove that anything is possible.

With persistence and determination, she reached her goal of being self-employed at the age of twenty-six by starting her own property management business. With residual income, she was able to continue devoting valuable time to her self-education. The search for something more meaningful lies at the heart of her ambition.

Barbara Miller published her first book, ‘How To Quit Smoking Even If You Don’t Want To’, in the spring of 2000, (revised in Jan 2008) which she has developed into a one-day intensive, interactive workshop.

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Barbara has a great deal of passion for speaking about crucial topics such as suicide prevention and the importance of education and she intends to inspire others on overcoming barriers and obstacles. Utilizing powerful delivery and inspiring insights, Barbara’s customized presentation will teach and inspire your audience not only to quit smoking but also to dare to dream. And above all else, to “Never Give Up!”


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