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16/35 Gratitude for Bill Macquis

Sara Troy hosts Sara’s View of Life aired from August 30th on


I want to thank my friend Bill Macquis for our 14+ years journey.

With the death of my beloved dog Kokomo it brought home to me that another ending is about to happen. I met Bill because of Kokomo right from getting her, over the next 4 years we were coffee buddies and Kokomo just adored him. Then one day I showed Bill a letter from my “Give Back” company on giving a percentage of sales from an imported electric bikes back to supporting varies foundations. This inspired Bill and a new path was taken.

It led us to developing the first electric modular motor of its kind. Yes, I know far from my path, but yet not, I believed in Bill even though I did not understand the technology, I just knew in my knowingness that he could do it even though others said it was impossible. We reg the company 2006 Cyclzone Technologies and started to pursue potential partners.  He built the motor using his math and it became more than a just a motor but also a catalyst for him to develop his “Mindology” “Nuance” app.

Its has been a 10-year journey with many downs and just a few ups, but a journey of exploration. We became a couple for a while, Bill can be a very giving man, but one thing about Bill is has OCP obsessive compulsive phenomena (OCD) this does drive Bill to see things in many formats from many angles, but is not so good for a relationship as OCP people are very focused on the moment, and my moment had passed.



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With so many rocky roads ups and downs we still housed together and supported each other. I inspired him and he me, I guided him, he me, I believed in him, and he in me. With his redirection after our motor was robbed from us, he started exploring the human mind which led him to D.I.V.A’sium ( dreamer, inspirer, visionary, aspirer) and started a program to teach it, but the universe interrupted and broke his back; but Bill being Bill while he healed himself he devised another program with the tool that healed him, this was the development of the  Mindology system.

I was doing True colours and using numerology and my own View of Life tool and suggested he try numerology, in true Bill fashion he took all he had learned from not only the motor but his gift of seeing things in numbers and multiple layers and thus his purpose began in a new direction developing the Nuance tool.

In the mean time had been invited to host my own radio blog show on Authenticyou media and was discovering my own voice, and after a while, Bill suggested I have my own radio network and helped me set it up, so PLV Radio was born (now called Self Discovery Radio). A big learning curve for me and one that now has developed into a radio network of over 1800 shows a store front an Ebook + and a new direction for Self Discovery radio.

But now our paths go in new directions, Bill is moving to the states, I am going to the Island in BC. He with his Nuance tool of which for my impute he has given me 10% ownership of the company as he has in Self Discovery Radio. Our journey has run its course, for m, I hope we stay connected as I value who he is and all he is doing for the world. I know he is different to most people, he works on a different level, I hope who next comes into his life cares for him as I have and that he feels safe to grow and expand his divine gift, for that gift is in helping humanity.

We are still connected with the Living Orchard program the-living-orchard-project

I thank you Bill for all we have done together, the ups the travels, even all 3 of us (Kokomo) having to live out of my van, in the end we learned a lot of who we are and why we are here. I wish you abundance in every way and love, AND THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME A STRONGER PERSON.

Bill’s shows wise-health

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