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16/26 Breaking a Vow to Embrace Soul freedom

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy aired June 28th-July 4th


I have to thank Selina Tayler for setting me free.

I am and have always been a woman of spirit, a soul awakener, a spirit liberator; but, as it happens with all empath’s, we take on too much, feel too much and loose too much because of it.

Life is about balance, and I have been trying to find mine for so long now.


I was designed to soul and spirit liberate, it has been my calling since the beginning of my time, my earliest memory being of the Atlanteans and Incas. I know from where I came, no not a planet per-say but a united energy of collective thought and truth. It is golden fluid liquid energy that resonates within and around me and is where I come from.

For a long time I was trapped in the human world, only able to connect a little to my universe, I felt lost, disconnected alone. I was not seen or heard but for who I only what that was needed of me. The last few years of global awakening has been my liberation, my permission to be, my invitation to speak, to inspire to invite others to embrace their divine life’s energy and purpose.

Even though I was free to speak, free to reach out, free to invite, I still had something that was holding me back. Many a divine soul has worked on me, helping me, redirecting me, freeing me. Thou even through that I was still trapped in something I did not understand, that is till Selina.

I know that I have had many many lifetimes, some of which I remember but most not, I know that I carry sorrow within my DNA and a pain that won’t go away. I know that I was set free of 172 lifetimes of a blockage of unworthiness which set me back on my path, but still, something was holding me back.  I have now come to understand that I have gone through 50 lifetimes of persecution for my soul spirit teachings, I have even been tortured even killed for the divine work I was sent here to do. Knowing that and allowing myself today to have permission to speak the universal divine’s knowledge, is liberating and at last without persecution.

This is a wonderful freeing feeling of exhalations which abound, but still what was this other thing stopping me from growing? A contract, a vow committed to some many lifetimes ago? it was a vow of poverty. I always wondered what held me back from abundance, why I had such a discord with money, now I know, now I can speak to that vow, release myself, and burn it for many lifetimes of services rendered, for poverty will not be in my realm anymore.

I came away from Selina a new woman, and more importantly, it has not left me but grown. I completely believe in synchronicity and meeting Selina via my son’s girlfriend Rebecca ( and his grace) and following another path just because it felt right, has led me to a new road of extended liberty and soul freedom that also finally allows me a sustainability.

There is always someone there that knows your soul, someone who feels you sees you, I am blessed to be nurtured by so many and with Selina working on me, I know that limitation that once was is no more nor will be again.

So hold on folks, with this new divine freedom there is much to embrace. Self Discovery Radio is about to grow, to extend, to give voice to all those who speak and work with the divines blessing so they may liberate and invite new spirits to awaken, souls to embrace, and hearts to feel the true joy of life and the art of living it.

May you find your path, may you embrace your divine journey, may your wings spread and your flight into the universe’s divine love go.

By Sara Troy 

Self Discovery Radio


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Selina is in Vancouver BC Canada, I 100,000% recommend her to help free your spirit, body and divine essence.


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