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15/28 Your tongue and pulse – understanding what your body is telling you… pt2

Wise Health with Suma Nathan and Bill Macquis aired July 14 2015

For those of you who have been following the last few shows, Suma and Bill have been talking about internal stress and the effects that food has on impacting your ability to deal with the daily stresses we create for ourselves in our everyday lives! One of the things that Suma mentioned was the vital role the tongue and pulse played in ancient medical practices such as Chinese Herbal Medicines. One of the cool things about the tongue is that it is one of the bodies most sensitive organs and responds immediately to any changes that the body is undergoing. More importantly, it is a very simple way for you to learn how to listen to what internal stress level your body is dealing with. So tune in stick out your tongue and learn how to reduce the stresses that your diet and the environment is creating on your body!

This weeks healing music message…

Anything in life is possible all you have to do is believe that you can do it and then just go out and do it!

Suma and Bill both share a  passion for music, more importantly, they have discovered the incredible healing and therapeutic power of music. Here are this week’s inspirational music video…



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