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15/25 Find Your Soul Yes

Journey into Joy with Pamela Lynch aired June 23rd-30th 

It is with great joy that Pamela Lynch participated for the third time in the “Bare in the Air” event that raises funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Today’s show is about her journey shifting from a fear of heights and public nudity to exhilaration while promoting and participating in this fundraiser. Through the past two yea, s she has inspired many other women to find their soul yes, to show up, and to let their stuff go on the zip line.

Pamela shares her discovery of her soul yes and how important it is to recognize and embrace it when it surfaces. The process, “I Have Value,” from her Law of Attraction Coaching Program is powerful.



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Pamela Lynch is a certified Law of Attraction Coach, and she coaches women who are ready to shift from self lack to self love. Pamela is passionate about raising the vibration of humanity, and it begins every day through meditation, being positive, and doing the inner work necessary to continually breakthrough set points. She teaches clients the value of doing their inner work to succeed, and coaches them to be wildly profitable in their business.

More on your host Pamela’s shows. journey-into-joy/


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