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15-17 From Rock’n and Roll’n to do’n the Heebie Jeebies Pt3

Airied April 28-May 4 on Wise Health with Suma Nathan with her special guest Bill Macquis

Special guest Bill “Smok’n DAWG” Macquis  has teamed up with Suma  to create another 4 part mini series. This series covers the continuing saga of Bill’s life up to the present day. In this episode Bill’ and Suma continue their causal discussion covering a variety of topics that range from living through Chronic pain, to overcoming terminal illness such as cancer and Parkinson’s, learning how to manage mental health challenges without medications.  The conversations share a common belief on how to deal with health issue, s these is how that being that there is no one absolute way to solve these problems, however as long as you believe in your ability and the ability of your main, you will prevail. If you truly believe you can do something you really can make miracles happen in every aspect of you life!



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  CLICK HERE


For those of you who missed Bill’s first series of shows entitled “Grooving Life to the Beat of a Very Different Drum” you will find them on the Wise Health homepage under Past Shows.wise-health/

For more of Suma’s many wise health shows go to /wise-health/


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