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15/03 ROBERT SLINGSBY The ‘San’ tribe and their significance in Africa

Airing January 20 to 26 on ‘Inspiring South Africans’ – Heather de Wit and her Guest Robert Slingsby

With a career spanning almost four decades divided between South Africa and Europe, Robert Slingsby is a seasoned veteran of the Arts with a loyal following and collector base.

His longstanding research into the landscape and people of Southern Africa and specifically the intersection between the environment and marginalized communities, particularly the San, inhabiting the region, that has most influenced him as he continues to document the fragility of life in this Anthropocene era.

His work reflects his engagement with the local communities of the Richtersveld and currently remote areas of Ethiopia, to which Robert has made repeated sojourns and are essentially an interpretation of the threat of extinction to ancient traditions.

Robert has held numerous solo exhibitions in both South Africa and Europe. His work is represented in various global public and corporate collections.


For More on Heather and her shows go to. /inspiring-south-africans/


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