15/02 LIZ EGLINGTON – Sustainable + Conscious farming in South Africa

Airing January 13 to 19 2015 on ‘Inspiring South Africans’ – Heather de Wit and her Guest LIZ EGLINGTON

15.02  ISA LIZ EGLINGTON collage


LIZ now uses the lessons learned from nature to assist other farmers to farm organically and runs training courses and workshops on her farm. Her olive products are well known throughout South Africa and her newest venture is her olive leaf health range.

Serving on 4 Committees, LIZ utilises and offers her skills and passion for earth healing and education so that we can all work sacredly with the earth and produce food that sustain and heal us.

Website : www.blueskyorganics.co.za,

Facebook : /liz.eglington.

For More on Heather and her shows go to. /inspiring-south-africans/


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