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P14/52a Seasonal PLV Hosts Message

Airing December 30th-Jan 5th on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and our PLV Radio Hosts.

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Sara Troy. Positive Living Vibrations and Ask Sara Host. positive-living-vibrations/          & /ask-sara/

It has been a wonderful year here at PLV Radio, I have been blessed with dedicated Hosts who bring you each week such inspirations and life lessons that are truly feeding our hearts and souls.

I wish to thank my hosts and my many incredible guests who are dedicating their lives to making this a better world, to all and of you, the LISTENER who each week listen in to the profound journeys and empowering knowledge from everyone here at PLV Radio.

I believe 2015 will be a year of profound action taken by those who have awoken to the consciousnesses of united possibilities. We will be opening a new channel called Their Story Matters where we will be highlighting those on the journey to an awakening consciousness Hold on to your hats for it is going to be extraordinary.

Pamela Lynch. Conscious Business /conscious-business/

“One of the reasons I feel Christmas is so joyful is because our collective lens through which we see things is one of appreciation. Join me as I share with you a process I learned through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy called “The Rampage of Appreciation”. Wishing you a Very, Merry Christmas and a jolly holiday season.

With love and appreciation to you, my valued friend.”

Jackie M. Spiritual Awakenings spiritual-awakening/

Happy Holidays to you from Spiritual Awakenings!  Thank you for tuning in and your support through the year!  I look forward to the new year and sharing with you more of my personal stories as well as talking about the moments before our psychic awareness enlightens us.  So keep your eyes out for my shows this season as we as the many other wonderful shows here on PLV radio!  Namaste~

Jackie Van Campen. The Writers Den the-writers-divine-den/

Ready to share your amazing story in 2015? Join Jackie VanCampen as she helps spark the writer in you. Jackie will share the hows, whys, and joys of writing your own story.

Heather de Wit. Inspiring South Africans   inspiring-south-africans/

My message to the world at this time is – Stop, breathe, listen often – Keep your focus on peace, healing, love, understanding and abundance for all !

What you will bring to us for 2015 – In 2015 on my show ‘Inspiring South Africans’, I will continue to bring greats stories of inspiring People and Organizations, in and out of South Africa, who are ‘doing it’ with purpose and focused on the healing of the people and the planet. The main intention of my show is to awaken, to inspire, to spark or ignite the desire in people worldwide to start or continue the journey of healing of ’the self’ by listening to the beautiful stories I am sharing.

Embracing the New Year with an uplifting message. –“ Embrace each moment as you walk into 2015 an opportunity to be authentic, to get the Dream for your life on track, inspire and be inspiring and do what you love”

Mary Elizabeth Hoffman Metaphysical Insights metaphysical-insights/


CAT BEINGS ORACLE SYNOPSIS 2015                                             “The realization and awareness of the inter-connectedness of all living beings shall empower each individual member of the Human Kingdom to act, live, speak, think, emote and move from an understanding that every energy that is sent out into the world whether by thought, word, deed or emotion impacts not only themselves, but everyone and everything around them.  No longer shall the Human Kingdom be excused for its lack of responsibility to empower life and love with honor and respect as a co-creator.  Consequences for actions and choices shall return immediately, multiplied, so that everyone is aware that what is expressed in thought, word, deed or emotion becomes manifest in 3D life – immediately. ” Link for full Synopsis:!cat-beings-oracles/c5lu

Suma Nathan. Wise Health /wise-health/


Suma wishes everyone to know good health in 2015. She wants to bring us more health knowledge and avoid the poisons at the grocery store, and to know what will gives us a long active healthy life.

Julieanne Oconner. Transforming Relationships transforming-relationships/

If you were stripped of everything material in nature, the only thing left that would matter would be your relationships with others and your relationship with yourself.  Though we sometimes forget that we are completely connected, we truly are.  You matter.  Your being-ness makes a difference. Join us on Transforming Relationships for a look at what really matters.

Tiffany Phillips. Living Unapologeticallyliving-unapologetically/

Have you been watching the news lately, reading blogs, newspapers, Facebook and thought to yourself; “What the hell is going on??” I think we can all agree, A LOT. host Tiffany Phillips gives her two cents/rant on what’s been going on in a way that only Tiffany can…unapologetically.

Jeffrey A. Forest. Own Your Money /own-your-money/


Tis the Season to be Grateful…fa la la la laahh!

Hey listeners. It’s very very close to Christmas, the New Year is almost upon us and Hanukkah is already underway!

This week I’ll be sharing with you some  the multiple blessings and gratitude’s that I’m most thankful for this year in hopes of stirring up in you….what YOU are most grateful for.

It is said that whatever we focus on expands.  So let’s invest some time together expanding our graciousness, our thankfulness and identifying our blessings.

Then after we are all filled with gratitude, I’ll review with you some of the best ways to give to your loved ones this season in the most economical, yet caring ways… that come from your heart are the best ones to give!

Tune in for this Seasonal Show….filled with Love and Gratitude! Jeff:o)


We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a most Spectacular 2015 and we will be bringing you even more inspirational shows this year. 


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