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15/02 Awakening to Our Divine Feminine

Airing January 13th 19th on The Writers Divine Den with Jackie VanCampen and her guest Danielle Fagan

Do you feel that your divine feminine is in harmony with your divine masculine? How is that impacting your relationships, your health, and your business? I’m so delighted to have interviewed Danielle Fagan for the second time and to talk about how crucial women are to the betterment of our societies, how self-esteem for women plays a role in raising families, and how important it is for women and men to bring into harmony their divine feminine and masculine. Ladies, you won’t to miss this interview!

Danielle Fagan is a published author of Infinite Kingdom: Ignite the Night, spiritual teacher, intuitive, certified emotion code practitioner, Reiki practitioner, and diplomat of pastoral science.

Danielle strives to teach people how to look inside themselves and find love, support, and a wealth of knowledge. As a native to Toronto, Canada, Danielle is able to research and experience teachings and healing practices of the many different cultures that exist within her city.


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