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15/04 Mindful Marketing

Airing from January 27th on Writers Divine Den with Jackie VanCampen and her guest KIMBERLY MASKA

Are you a Mind Body Spirit Entrepreneur who feels that marketing is an “icky” activity? I’m excited to share this powerful interview with my guest Kimberly Maska. Kimberly is passionate about helping entrepreneurs be successful and build a heart-centered business that supports your vision and dreams, and where you are making a greater impact and difference in the world, all while having more freedom and time to be with the people and do the things you love.

Kimberly Maska is a business expert and marketing strategist for entrepreneurs focusing on Mind Body Spirit businesses. She brings nearly 20 years of business development expertise to the table, including 8 years on Wall Street. With recognized efforts to changing people’s lives, Kimberly Maska is gifted with the ability to craft requisite strategies for business success. She is also the host of Mindful Marketing Podcast, for which she was honored with a Product Creator Excellence Award, the podcast were today’s Mind Body Spirit thought leaders discuss the latest strategies to build your business and take the “icky” out of marketing.

Marrying her business expertise with her love for living a mindful life, she has made it her mission to show Mind Body Spirit Entrepreneurs how to realize their greatest potential and turn their life calling into a lucrative business through establishing custom Personal Platforms, thus allowing them to share their message with the world. You and also hear her thoughts on how being authentic in your business translates into abundance by reading her book, Mindful Marketing.


BOOK TITLE: Mindful Marketing: A Guide for Mind Body Spirit Entrepreneurs,

TITLE OF PODCAST: Mindful Marketing


More on Jackie and her shows both past and to come The-writers-divine-den/

We say good bye to Jackie as she is moving on to a new chapter in her life, we will miss her but you will catch all her past shows here. after this one has finished airing.


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