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14/43 Healing Power of Lymphatic Activation

Aired October 28th on Wise Health with Suma Nathan and her guest Merideth Genin

Sharing Health Secrets is sharing the gift of life, on Wise Health this week we share a calling to a breath of life and sharing that knowledge with the world.

Merideth Genin has been studying and practising nutrition, herbs, aromatherapy, plant-based vegan cuisine, for over 45 of her 60 years. Merideth grew up wanting to be a medical doctor, but watching family members sicken and die under allopathic treatment, she realized there must be another way. She read “Back to Eden” by Jethro Kloss at 14 or 15, and has been developing alternative healing skills and knowledge ever since.

Merideth started dabbling in herbs and aromatherapy at 16, when she moved to the East Village, had a fling with Macrobiotics, and has been vegan for over three decades (although she recognizes it’s not right for everyone). She’s a gourmet vegan cook and preparer of live food, and you can find some of her recipes on the Healing Power Facebook page.

Twenty years ago, she learned the Daily Lymphatic Activation, also known as Lymphasizing, from Dr. William J. Martin, a Michigan naturopathic doctor, whose New York school, The Ninth Gate Center for Medical Intuition, she graduated from with about a dozen certifications, ranging from Iridology and Spiritual Aromatherapy to Colonic Hydrotherapy (Wood Method). Lymphasizing uses the power of deep, rhythmic breathing, spoken affirmations, and gentle, stress-free movement to get the lymph moving and light up the entire endocrine system. Lymphasizing can help anyone attain, regain, or maintain perfect, vibrant health.

In these 20 years, Merideth has been sharing the Daily Lymphatic Activation via private consultations and group classes, as well as via email, through her LinkedIn network, and other websites like However, sharing written information can only go so far.

In August of this year, Shaison P. Ouseph, a brilliant videographer from Mumbai, came to New York City, and using Merideth’s script, completed principal shooting for Healing Power, a documentary video made in New York City’s community gardens and the home of a friend in Bayonne, NJ.

Once sufficient contributions come in to edit and complete the video, it will be distributed, absolutely free, on Vimeo, YouTube, Documentary Wire, and other social media platforms. Contributors can access perks like DVD copies of Healing Power, and credits in the video. More perks will be made available during the weeks of the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.



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