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14/18 Ask Sara about Celebrating Being a Mother

Airing May 5th-7th-9th at 11 am on Ask Sara about Motherhood, to be or not to be a mother?


It is Mothers Day May 11th here in North America and where would we be with out our mothers? Who would we be if we were not mothers? Today I explore being  a proud Mother of 3 glorious children and the joy it has bought me, but no I am not kidding myself, many of my grey hairs are due to my kids, as with my own poor mothers grey hair, what goes around comes around.

But I would not have given up being a mother for any thing in the world but wish more women would think why they are having their children and if they should be having them, motherhood is not for everyone. I respect the woman who says no it is not for her, because it is a life time commitment so you must be willing to be there for them forever in some way for that is what motherhood is all about.

For all you Mothers out there who have known the joys triumphs and exasperation of begin a mother, I wish you all a very wonderful day and hope you receive the gratitude you so deserve.

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