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C16-37b “Spirit Source Connection” with Suzanne Goulet

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guests Suzanne Goulet aired from September 13th on. 


“To provide inspiration, tools, and support in the recognition that by aligning with Source and releasing resistance, all gifts of abundance, good health, fulfilling relationships, and creativity begin to flow; that the sharing of our own Spiritual essence is what we came here to be, do and have.”

CEO & Founder of Spirit Source Connect, creator of the Live Global Energetic Downloads

Suzanne is a life and entrepreneurship coach, spiritual mentor, and conduit for higher energies from Spirit.  Her life coaching and entrepreneurship programs offer the vehicle through which spiritual energies enter, transforming the lives of her clients by aligning their endeavors with Source.  She has assisted thousands by facilitating energetic shifts on a cellular level, effectively neutralizing subconscious blocks and uplifting frequency and vibration, leading individuals to live more expansive, creative, balanced and happy lives.



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  http;//


Therapeutic Genuine Gemstone Necklaces are available for energetically shifting bodyemotions and relationships. They also provide over-all balance and can be found under the Products tab.  If you want some guidance around what would be best for you, or you’d prefer something custom made for your needs, a private consult is available.

   Young Living Essential Oils and supplements are encouraged as tools for vibrant health, and healing in the realms of body,mind, spirit, emotions and relationships, and a selection of favorites is available under the Products tab. A complimentary consult is available to help you figure out what is best for your desires.

She is currently authoring: Source Connect: Transmissions for Personal and Planetary Transformation to be published by Celtic Cat Publishing.  Suzanne currently resides in Napili, Hawaii, on the beautiful island of Maui: a life dream made a reality.


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