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14/13 The Schweitzer Formula,

Airing March 31st and April 2nd & 4th at Noon on Wise Health with Suma Nathen and her guest David Louis DeFebo.

A Crystalline Healing Mineral Solution for Topical and Internal Use. 

Repairs damaged skin – Stops unhealthy germs 

Balances pH – Purifies the bloodstream

David Louis DeFebo Master of Integrative Health Science HealThySelfTM David has 30 years of experience in the holistic health field. A graduate of Capitol University of Integrative Medicine and Clayton College of Natural Health, he has managed and practiced at several holistic health centers in NJ and PA in the U.S.  He has a passion for cutting edge holistic information, holistic science and new paradigm healing technologies. You can learn all about his current primary project at  David currently resides in Williamsport, PA with his loving bride. David can be contacted at 888-630-8837



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