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0009 Benefits of Meditation

Premiering 10-28-2013. 10 am pst.  It’s All Spiritual with Jackie Van Campen on the Benefits of Meditation and the inner peace it can bring.


Did you know that there are different types of meditation? What if meditation did not have to feel hard or boring, but rather an opportunity to connect with your spirit guides? On this show, Jacqueline VanCampen will share different types of meditation, and you will get to enjoy a guided meditation to release limiting stories that are no longer serving your journey. This is a good time to let go as we are enjoying the energy of Mercury retrograde.

How does that feel?

Meditation brings us an inner peace which unravels our outer world in to a harmonious place to thrive in.

Airing Monday repeating Wednesday and Friday 1 am pst. 


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