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0005 Enjoying the Birthing Process of a New You

Premiering 09-30-2013 1 pm pst. Enjoying the Birthing Process of a New You and it’s been saved under spirituality with Jackie VanCampen

Have you ever felt that need to birth something but felt stopped because of the fear of the labor pains, the morning sickness, the stretching that comes with being pregnant and birthing a vision? What if giving birthing to a new you, a business, or a new relationship could actually feel joyful? Join Jackie VanCampen as she guides you through a birthing meditation and energy clearing to help you feel excited about the birthing process with more joy and less pain.

Wise Heart Intuitive and Coach – Channel and Medium

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Airing Live Monday,repeating Wednesdays & Fridays PST Canada, check show schedules for times. Tune in to live broadcasts now on  Shoutcast, Or you can listen to or download past shows from soundcloud.


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