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00014 First ever Mum’s the Word!

Premiering 12-02-2013. 5 pm pst. “Mum’s the Word” with our new host Deborah Antich,

Hello and thank you for joining me for the first ever Mum’s the Word!

I am your host Deborah Antich, Child Adovate and creator and facilitator of I Project Confidence, Instincts Training for Kids for her first show which includes an introduction to the format, a couple of stories and a little background on Deborah and her work with kids, what led her to where she is now.  Listen in on her thoughts on why “being real” is so important, and how by letting our kids know us, we can better know our kids.

Mum’s the Word is a listener driven program, Deborah want’s to talk about what you want to hear about!  Please feel free to contact her via email at and get in on the conversation.  She’ll be sharing the mic with kids for some shows, parents for some shows and open the floor for anyone who wants to start the conversation.


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