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TBT 17-48 See problems as Opportunities with Neo and Adam

“Thoughts Become Things: International”  with Neomaya Davila aka Neo Positivity and his guest Adam Atacan, on air from November 28th

Neo Positivity and Sheila Applegate (2)

The perfect way to your day. And being 1 with God

Adam has spent 15 years working in Philadelphia real estate, with both buyers and sellers in and around Center City, including Main Line and New Jersey. He has relocated to Philadelphia from Ft. Lauderdale to pursue his IT/Web Development career. He has coded their first website including a real estate search engine. Adam started his career in real estate with Antonio  his brother and is responsible for leading and growing our award-winning team. He has been an integral part of leadership at their office and has a myriad of responsibilities at the Keller Williams Realty Center City. He also oversees the cutting edge technology our team utilizes and guarantees that The Atacan Group stands at the forefront of changes in technology, translating that utilization into saving our customers time and money. Adam becomes the go-to problem-solver in his environment and loves to help his colleagues and empower his clients through a tough competitive environment. He sees problems as opportunities to grow and strives to provide the very best in customer service and representation.




Adam Atacan


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