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TBT 17-45 ‘A better way of seeing”

“Thoughts Become Things: International”  with Neomaya Davila aka Neo Positivity, on air from November 7th

I Chose this title instead of “A better way of being” because, in order to be, you must first see. I always say that life’s test is: can you stay positive in the face of all the negativity going on around you. It’s obvious that most of the Earth’s population cannot. Because not only is it not easy, but controlling one’s thoughts is the hardest thing a person can do according to both science and religion. But it yields the greatest reward. The ability to create your future. So instead of trying to change your thoughts, let’s change the way we see things. This way our thoughts will fall in line.                                                                                                                                                                          Over the past 8 years, through meditation and tapping into “The Source” I’ve come up with countless ways of seeing, each better than the last. And some of them seem so outlandish I’ve kept them to myself. Well not anymore. I made a pact with God 8 years ago: he retires me, and I spread the information he gives me. Holding on to this information for all these years was, I guess, necessary so I could perfect it. But now it’s obviously time to let it fly. Please enjoy, a better way of seeing.



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“Thoughts Become Things” is an art.

An art that I’ve all but mastered.

My life is my resume:

And this show is a detailed instruction manual.

We are 1. We are love.


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