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Reality 101 by Embers Moore

We exist in a world of construed fears and false reality. Technology has given us access to unlimited information at the touch of our fingertips. The downside of this is that anyone can upload their truth on the world web, which may go viral, although it may not be accurate.

The media imposes on us messages of not being safe in the home. We may fall by using the wrong products or not using the right products. We are not safe in the street unless using a specific product, We must use select products to look thin and remain youthful. Our children must possess defined brands of clothing to look good. The air we breathe, and the food we consume may not be safe. We are destroying the world we live in by consuming too much of everything. A constant flow of negative programming streaming in from the media to support the financial needs of those that keep the media thriving.

Instilling fear is a method of controlling the masses. It creates boundaries that sometimes makes it hard to be spontaneous. Especially in these times of the COVID 19 outbreak, we fear for our lives. I do not know just how much of the information is true or fear-based, but I know it is a perfect opportunity for "them" to bring the general public under control.

In my work, I an confronted with many souls who are afraid to break the "rules" of society, although the only outcome maybe their neighbors or community may not approve, they are fearful. They dread that someone may discover they or their family member have done something, and their community may scorn them. Often I am presented with those afraid to stand up and be who they are because of traditions around culture or religious beliefs.

This fear-based society that we live in presents a considerable problem for us as individuals. When we don't monitor the media input our children are exposed to, they may become victims of this fear-based program. We are also victims if we watch t.v. for even an hour a day we are exposed to it. How often have you gone out looking for a specific product because you saw it on t.v. or heard it could help you have a better life? How often have you spent money on something that proved worthless in the end.?

One concern is many of us do not realize we have bitten into the whims of the media and have become pawns to the needs of this fear-based life we are living. When we internalize fear, it manifests itself as dysease within the body. I believe that many of the chronic illnesses we are experiencing in society are a by-product of fear-based thinking. I also think that our children's "attitude" is being influenced by the violent online games they become addicted to and the imaging of the glamorous people in the media. Even reality tv is damaging as it depicts a small percentage of lifestyles of a small group. We still bite into it; although it is mostly staged, many of us believe it to be real.

So what is real? Well, that's easy. Your life is real, and what the media offers is an escape from your reality. You make your reality from what you choose to believe and thereby attract into your space. Your self-talk (all those crazy thoughts you might ignore) is the mechanics that create the energy you attract. Yes, all that underlying background stuff does affect your life and what happens in it. If you really want to change your mind, listen carefully to those thoughts and turn them around. Don't let your made-up fears rule your world and what you believe your reality of being.

Imagine a world made up of your deepest desires and passions without the fear attached to it. The fear of success or failure, the fear of being noticed, the fear of being different, the fear of being broke, or not having enough. We each have our own sack of stuff that we make excuses around that are our own fears. What if for one hour a day we picked one concern and turned it around, wrapped it in positive thoughts, and saw it for what it really is. We let go of this emotion we made up to express a feeling. We change our minds about who we are, according to what we are fearing. We take charge of our fears and move through them one at a time and as often as we need. Just one hour away from the tv or phone or computer unless we need to write or use some creative method of dealing with the fears. My outlet is writing. What could yours be?

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