My Story-A Story of Overcoming Diabetes by Brenda Blindenbach

Ever since I can remember I've wanted to help people get well. I remember as a child I'd have my friends be my patients & I would be the nurse or doctor & deal out pills, take their temperature & bind their wounds.

After I graduated from school I followed up on that desire that I had deep within me & did my training at the London hospital in the UK as a laboratory technologist working in the Bacteriology dept & then worked at a large teaching hospital in Vancouver, BC. Years later I transitioned into the alternative field of medicine, as a health & wellness coach.

I had been struggling with type 2 diabetes for 30 years using oral medication & insulin to balance my blood sugar levels. I was told by my doctor/s that I would have to live with this condition all my life, that it could progressively get worse, & would only be able to manage it. It felt like a death sentence.

Sure enough it did get worse. I went from having to take oral medications to taking insulin three times a day as well & over time had to increase my insulin dosage.

However about five years ago I found out that type 2 diabetes could be reversed. I can't tell you how excited I was to hear this news. So, I decided to do some research on the subject & then used the information on myself.

To my utter amazement I was able to stop taking oral medications after a week and over time I was able to lower my insulin intake considerably.

This motivated me to create a program that would help those who had chronic health issues make the lifestyle changes that would cause a shift in their health. The feedback I received was great however many of them found it difficult to stick to it (even though they knew it was going to improve their lives.)

So I looked for guidance for a way that would help people make these lifestyle changes easily & within a few weeks through a series of synchronicities I found a company that provided supplements that targeted gut health.

I've always held the truth which Hippocrates the Greek physician talked about over 2500 years ago, that all disease begins in the gut, which the new emerging science of the human microbiome has now proved to be the case. We could easily turn around that quote & say it this way instead..."All wellness begins in the gut."

One of the products this company provides called "Slim" aka "the pink drink." supports healthy metabolism, cardiovascular health, weight management, & helps maintain healthy blood pressure.

This proprietary blend of plant based ingredients targets the gut liver axis which has been an instrumental in helping me lower my insulin intake, so much so that I had to be given a junior syringe that calibrates the dosage in .5 units.

I'm now taking minute amounts of insulin to regulate my blood sugars, moving me in the direction of getting more & more insulin sensitive, which is the goal that every type 2 diabetic aims for.

If you would like to be supported by me in making life style changes easily using supplements that target the gut microbiome, please contact me at:

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