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P14/43b Izabella Niewiadomska: Overcome Your Health Challenges

Aired October 28th-November 4th on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her UK guest  Izabella Niewiadomska

Izabella Niewiadomska helps us overcome our health challenges in life. Izabella is a wellness coach using the tried and tested Herbalife products and system. Her interest in wellness was triggered over 28 years ago by personal health challenges related to stress and her ending up temporarily paralysed and with a loss of speech. She then quit her journalist job when she discovered a joy for health and wellness and studied NLP techniques and became a member of the Andy Harrington’s Professional Speakers Academy.

        She migrated from Poland to the UK 24 years ago facing a number of other challenges, one she discovered she was pregnant (seen here with her son now) and her husband could not follow her straight away and she did not know the language. This lead her to accumulation of knowledge that provided solutions and helped her to survive and become a more valuable member of the society

Her personal great results inspired her with the confidence to help others, with inexhaustible energy and passion. In her work with people she draws back to her personal dramatic experiences and the skills she developed during the last twenty two years as a Wellness Coach & Herbalife member. Her metabolic age is that of a 19 year old and by living in her passion and loving and caring for her body and purpose she is an example of health inner and outer wealth that we all can achieve should we chose.


Izabella was recently interviewed by our affiliate  “Migrant Woman” magazine.

More on the company that has helped Izabella live a healthy wealthy life

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