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My Mama Jo I love You

Mama Joanna North passed February 13th 2015 and the age of 95.

My mama, was an actress a wife a mum. She has turned heads in here time and had many a guy fall head over heals in love with her. She has had many proposals from men who loved the wonder in her heart and innocence of life.

But alas my mum only married once and that was painful enough for her. She married a man who was handsome gallant and exciting, but oh boy was he wrong for her. I am their daughter and love them both very much, but even a child early on knows when some thing aint right.

He was a good-looking war hero, she a divorced woman with a child (my sister Jane) and totally unaware of the impact she had on people. My Dad proposed the first time he saw her, he said” do not ask me to be your best man” how it was a proposal I do not know, but never the less they did eventually marry. My grand-mama Daisy was against the marriage from the start, she did not want her son marrying a divorcee. She faked heart attacks and much more, and each time my dad gave in and the marriage was postponed till he eventually stood up for his wife to be.

My dad was a strong man among men, but with women did not know quite how to handle them. Don’t get me wrong, he had many lovers before mum, when the war broke out Dad was in Germany with a German countess years older than him. She got him out even though he had a broken leg. It is just that Dad was a mans man, he loved racing cars, flying planes, sailing, and drinking. This settling down was expected wanted but was very hard for him.

My dad was (he has been gone for 50 years now) was an orange/green personality; he lived for the moment and the adulation of the results. He was a good businessman but routine board him. He worked with his hateful and dimwitted brother who was incompetent and the hate grew. So my dad every night on his way home stopped at the Conservative club and had a few.

My mother on the other hand was waiting for her husband to come home and have a nice dinner waiting for him. When it was 10 p.m. and the dinner dried all up, she got royally pissed. But my mum was not an outward face-to-face person who would call him on it, no she would be injured and hurt, and he would not notice because he did not notice things like that. So she felt more hurt, as if it had been a personal attack on her, and he would not know why she was so withdrawn. As time went by so their love for each other did too. It did not help the situation, with him belittling my mother saying that she was fat and ugly and that no one would want her. He said these things, because he felt inadequate to give her what she needed and he would destroy her self-esteem so she would not look anywhere else.

My dad had a heart attack when he was 40. The doctors told him that he had 3-4 months to live. What a whole lot of bullshit. My dad lived 4 more years putting every one through hell because he chased death and we wanted life for him. Death won, and then he realized the crap that he had left behind him. Did he love her? Yes I believe that he did, but his own fear and insecurities ruled him, and he destroyed the one person whom loved him completely.

My mum Jo was a very talented woman (she died 02/15) with many natural skills. She was an actress, a writer (of which my brother Sam has followed in her foot steps) a great hostess, her parties were always popular, she has an eye for décor and fashion, she owned a dress store called “Sara Troy” which was very successful before my father sold it from under her. It is 50 year since Dad died and my mother even though she has had many offers, could not marry again because of the fear my dad left on her. But some of it my mum has to own up to. She should never have allowed him to walk all over her like he did, she should never have given him the power, and when he did, mirror it back to him.


I know you are saying,” it is all very well for you to say, it wasn’t you.” BUT it was, because of my mother being treated like a doormat,  my upbringing influence, I married my dad. Tony was charming; he made you mad then made you laugh. I tried to walk away but could not and did not know why. I was an independent woman who became completely dependent. I gave him the boots to walk all over me, my fault, the fact that he enjoyed it a bit too much, was his fault.

My sister Jane married a deceitful man, who nearly destroyed her, she never married again either and she did not she trust men again. My brother Sam, has reversed the process by being the henpecked man, he does not live up to his value either.

We are all victims of our upbringing, and our total lack of self worth was given to us by the reflections of our parent’s actions towards each other. Monkey see monkey do. Cycles have to be broken and faith in our selves and a higher power must lead us to our true purpose in life with self-respect and worth.

I finally dug deep and crawled my way out of the big dark pit that I was in. It took me a few years. I really only had one person who understood and that gave me some courage to fight for my own life and existence. I asked for a divorce from Tony, but it took 2 years for him to go and 5 more to divorce him. He held on not because he loved me, no he had made it perfectly clear that he did and could not love me, no because he had already been divorced before and did not want to look bad again. But my weight, (I was to fat for him) my age (I was younger than him but now to old) and his image of himself won over and he finally left. Let us not forget he had many girl friends for many years, so why stay with me. At least my dad did not cheat on my mum; he unfortunately forgot the physical love also, it was just not that important with him (a green personality trait) and guess what, I am with a Green personality  again. OH boy!

What I am mad about with my mum is that after all this time; she would not forgive my dad. It had been 49 years at her death. She was partly to blame by giving him the right to belittle her over and over again. We must take ownership for who we are and how we stand up for our selves. My mum used to say to me a great piece of advice “The value you put on your self is the value people will take you for” it took me years to understand that and her she never has.

What a waste, she is a beautiful lady with a great brain, talented and loved by so many, to let one person destroy all that one could have and be is heart breaking. But this is our test in life; can we stand up for our selves? Can we be worthy of all our possibilities? BUT DO WE PLACE A GOOD ENOUGH VALUE ON OUR SELVES?

Our lives are of our choosing in the way we choose to react to what it handed us. We can go under or fight for the right to exist and be counted for.  We never know what shit is going to be frown at us, but how we react and what we do next is up totally up to us. I love my mum, she had been through a lot, but I feel she could have made life much better for her self, if he she had only lived up to that one statement. Value your self so others may value you to. She has pride but their is a fine line between pride and self sacrifice.

She was 95 years old when she died . She had lived a very lonely life because she is shy and apologetic. She also believes that other people have rejected her, it is she that rejected herself. With the brain she had right up to the end, the looks the class and style, she should have ruled the world.

Forgive and forget mum, let it all go. You do not want to take the pain with you, but you did, as you will only repeat it all over again in the next lifetime. We are born again with the imprint of our many life times, and if we keep repeating our mistakes it is like being on a treadmill over and over again going nowhere.

Go into the next life in peace by making peace and in honesty and vision for your next go around. Break the cycle, be all you desire to be, in order to live that next time your way.

I love you Mum (Jo) as I called her. Thank you for my life, your love and your wisdom. We have had many a good time together, lunching, shopping, travelling and partying, talking. We were very complementary to each other. Good times lots of laughter.

I wish that I could have seen you more often and share more joys and laughter. Hold on there mum, I want you to see me succeed, you have believed in what it is that I am doing with developing the electric motor for the world to use. This faith in me (us Bill & I) has given me the wind beneath my wings and the ability to keep moving forward with the knowledge that we will live up to our promise to you and the world. I know you were very proud of me and my radio station and the work I am doing and I know your still with me, I feel you.

You are special and a gift, remember that and be even now in your value.

If you can dream it, smell it, feel it you can make any thing happen. I believe I will and knowing that you will be there to see that makes me feel proud, for although you had gone from this earth, your divine essence is still around me and I thank oyu for that..

Always Mama Jo, always love you and value you.

Love your little girl Sara.


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