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C18-10 Worthy Women embracing your self worth and love

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Faye Hurley, on air from March 6th

“3 Steps to Self Worth that Attracts Phenomenal Love & Success.

If you feel like you have to work incredibly hard to receive success, If you feel like you’re always ‘giving, giving, giving’…yet receiving very little in return, If you feel exhausted and resentful, and just wish that you could have the love, money (or any other form of success) with ease…

Then this topic is for you!

The root cause of all of the above is low self-worth…even if you appear self-confident to the outside world!

In my interview with Sara, I will be sharing 3 life changing tips, that will transform your life, love and wealth forever. I know this to be a fact because these steps changed my own life, and continue to change my client’s lives.

I experienced multiple toxic and dysfunctional relationships, during my childhood and adulthood; as well as a dysfunctional relationship with money too. But the steps I’m sharing enabled me to attract loving relationships, including my partner of 10 years, and to become a multiple awards winning entrepreneur.




These steps are the ‘magical keys’ to shedding all of the resistance you have to receive what you truly want. They enable you to become an ‘aligned match’ to attracting and receiving your heart’s desires…without having to struggle, strive or prove yourself. You start to receive with ease!

You will attract: – The fulfilling, emotionally supportive, loving relationships you’ve always wanted – The money you want – The freedom and joy you want – The creative, passionate, fulfilling life that you know, deep down, you’re meant to be living

So if this is something that excites you, If this is something you want for your life right now, I can’t wait for you to join us as I share this topic that I’m so passionate about!”


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