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15/39 The Essence of Vortex Venture

Journey into Joy with Pamela Lynch and her guest  Diana Harris aired September 29th-October 5th

As we discover the importance of being in the vortex, my guest and business partner, Diana Harris, and I share the magic of the unseen world. It helped us to create Vortex Venture simply because we were open to meeting and paying attention to the gifts we are given each day. Our business name came through to me at 5am while our logo was shown to Diana at 4am another morning. It’s simply amazing. We recognized our strengths in nutritional and mindset were a fabulous match. Diana and I joined forces to offer a solution to help others get trim with good nutritional and mindset advice, and a healthy weight loss coffee makes it easy for us all. We help women manage menopause. And we help both men and women achieve a calm life of ease of living in the vortex through meditation.


Diana Harris’ background is in research and the nutrition, health and wellness field. Diana has studied the secret to longevity for many years, as well as what we require for optimal health and balance in life.  Diana loves her life on the ranch and lives life full out with passion.



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Together these two dynamic entrepreneurs, Diana Harris and Pamela Lynch, collaborated to create Vortex Venture which combines a balance of nutrition, weight loss, and mindset to encourage optimum health and well-being.

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More on Pamela’s shows go to journey-into-joy


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