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15/36 The Emanations Experience

Journey Into Joy with Host Pamela Lynch and her guest Eileen Murray airing September 81th-14th 

In a previous show, Eileen Murray introduced us to the Akashic Records and working within the records, and recently, I had the pleasure of participating in Eileen’s Level 1 Akashic workshop. Today, our special guest, a client of Eileen’s, shares her experiences working with the Emanations who are a particular frequency from source.

Eileen Murray consults and teaches people how to access their Akashic Record and those of their business nationally and internationally. Her background is in Jungian psychology, shamanism and various forms of energy work. She also has a BA in Art and Psychology.

Eileen is an international artist who is greatly influenced by the unseen world and nature, and has been since a young child. She has been divinely guided to share her knowledge and connection with the Masters, Emanations, and the Akashic Records with people.


To connect with Eileen, please contact her through her website:

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