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14/21 Master Manifester

Airing May 26th-28th -30th at 2-30 pm on Conscious Business Conversations Pamela Lynch and her guest Laura Pelletier.

There is a cycle to manifesting what you receive in life, and it doesn’t matter if you have a great life or a lousy one. The truth of the matter is, you created it. Join me with Laura Pelletier who is a master manifester. I’m a pretty good at manifesting situations, things, and people in my life, although Laura is an instant master manifester.

Laura Pelletier is the Owner of Devine Health Products and Services,  distributor and salesowner of Kwik Fit 4 U, Your Whole Body Vibration Equipment Company. Laura is a Health and Wellness Consultant, PHYCH-K practioner, and as a consummate entrepreneur also distributes other products and services.

You may contact Laura through her email at or visit her website:

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