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14/13 Silent Saboteurs

Airing March 31st and April 2nd & 4th at  2 pm pst.on  Conscious Business Conversations with Pamela Lynch and Lorraine Richmond

Lorraine reveals ten saboteurs, common to humankind, that have emerged through her work with clients and other individuals. Receive aha’s as you listen and realize which ones take you out, distract you, and stop you in your track. They are so familiar and “comfortable” to us yet they are invisible, buried deep within our sub-conscious, until we seek and call them out. You will appreciate Lorraine’s 5-step ‘walk’ away from their stronghold on you to play your bigger game.

Lorraine Richmond is a great believer that “People Matter” and we are “Better Together”. We are all meant to live with significance and purpose.  Her company is called Lorraine Richmond Leadership Coaching, and she is a women of great integrity and insight. Lorraine is a great leader, an inspiration, and dedicated to her family and community.

Lorraine is a member of the world’s premier Life Coach credentialing institution, International Coach Federation with a designation of Associate Certified Coach. Key leadership roles, workshop facilitation, personal mentoring, directing, public speaking, leadership consulting, president and founder of community programs have served to deepen her belief that intentional leadership vision is absolutely imperative to a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Airing Live Monday, repeating Wednesdays & Fridays PST Canada, at 2 pm pst. 

Lorraine’s Website:

Pamela’s info and past and new shows conscious-business/


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