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14/11 The Importance of Individual Responsibility

Happiness and Success with Angela Goodeve, Aired March 17th/14

Have you claimed your personal power and responsibility for your life?

This show is being repeated.

Have you been “walking the talk” in regards to issues surrounding you that you are passionate about?

What degree of individual responsibility do we have for the state of others and the world?


This show was recorded originally with Conscious Evolution Media, Path to Joy and Prosperity TV just after Blog Action Day on October 17, 2013, on the issue of Human Rights.

You can have a “sneak peak” at the show in this video trailer:

The underlying message I noticed in articles I read was the topic of individual responsibility for the change…Individual responsibility for change for the better in our own lives, and individual responsibility to “walk the talk” in our daily lives to be inclusive, treat others with dignity and respect and live our lives the way we would like to see the world.



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  http;//


Here is the link to the blog article that I wrote on the subject, Come on everyone, let’s walk the talk and start embodying human rights…We are all one!

Who wouldn’t look at the beautiful, yet sad face of a young girl and not shed a tear (if only figuratively speaking) for her heartache?

Who can’t look at the smiling face of a child, and feel their heart full of love?



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