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14/7 Overcoming perceived limitations in life and setting ourselves free!!

Airing 17-19-21st at 8 am on Happiness and Success with Angela Goodeve

“We have to be mindful of not only the prejudices that we for others, but those that we have for ourselves”

What is the difference between people who overcome what can be perceived as enormous obstacles in life, and ourselves?

Are there key ingredients to go beyond our limiting beliefs, and experience success in our lives?

Are the limitations we perceive real, or a manifestation of our active imaginations and fears?

How important is the support that we can obtain from those around us?

Do you have faith that whatever is brought into your path is meant to be there?


In this broadcast, which originally aired on Conscious Evolution Network, Path to Joy and Prosperity TV on October 24, 2013, I talk with Life and Career Coach, John Jurkiewicz about the beliefs we have of ourselves, and the powerful effect they have on our success in life.

Here is a sneak peak at all the juicy life lessons we talk about in this episode:

The questions above are just a few that will be answered in this broadcast…enjoy!


John’s client base includes members of the health care, transportation, retail, government, printing, pest management, manufacturing and brewing industries. He has worked in both the profit and nonprofit environments.

John’s mission is “Helping good people become better.”

A published author, humorist, motivational speaker, and visionary John and his wife Joan currently live in Owensboro, Kentucky.



As always, please do not hesitate to leave a comment with questions and stories of transformation for upcoming shows…either leave them here or on my website at:

Peace and Love, Ang

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