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0067 Nathen Aswell on Music and Spirituality.

 Positive Living Vibrations interviewed by Sara Troy with guest Nathen Aswell. Originally aired  11-24-2013.

Nathen Aswell is a gifted speaker, performing songwriter and musician based in Vancouver, Canada, and he believes that his calling in this life is to inspire and heal through his talks and his heart-centered music-making. His CDs “Little By Little” and “YES” are powerful realizations of this calling, fully intertwining his two passions of music and spirituality and joyously reminding us that LOVE is all there is and that we are all ONE.

Nathen honours his calling by talking and performing at Conferences, Concerts, Chanting events and Church Services in both Canada and the United States, presenting his “Conscious Pop” music with his voice and the NS Stick (an 8-stringed electronic instrument that can be plucked like a bass, strummed like a guitar, or tapped with both hands like a piano).

Nathen is a proud supporter of Seva Canada, whose mission is to restore sight and prevent blindness in the developing world. (Nathen donates 10% of all performance fees to Seva Canada.)



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C.D’S Music in the show.

“What *I* seek to master: To Love.” and  “When we allow ourselves to be open and Say YES to life, mastery becomes a reality.”



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Nathen has also hosted here on “for the LOVE of Music shows” come hear his shows


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