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0021 From Roses to Thorns, Overcoming Domestic abuse

Originally Aired on: 07-23-2013 on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest  Maxine Browne.

Domestic Violence has to stop and if we know the signs we can avoid the pitfalls. 

Introducing Maxine Browne on surviving spousal abuse and how she finds love again when she found love in self. 



Maxine Browne is the author of Years of Tears and an inspirational speaker on the topic of domestic violence. She has dedicated her life to increase understanding of domestic abuse and how to enjoy healthier relationships. In her workshops, Maxine brings you into the world of an abuse victim and describes how an abuser takes control. She describes why people stay in abusive relationships. She also tells stories of abuse and recovery that will inspire you to press past your present circumstances to create the life you want for your family.

Years of Tears

Maxine Browne’s first marriage was volatile. Her playboy husband became a drug addict, selling cocaine to support his habit. After six crazy years, she divorced him.

Then, one failed marriage and two kids later, Maxine met a minister who she thought was the answer to her prayers. Instead, he turned out to be her worst nightmare. He was a controlling tyrant.

He cut her off from her friends and family, including her children. He took control of every aspect of her life…the mail, the phone, transportation and money, to name a few. By the end of 10 years, there was nothing left for Maxine to lose but her life. Years of Tears shares her family’s story of this life-shattering experience, her courageous escape and their journey of recovery.


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