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00018 Clearing up blockages to happiness and success.

We have a rare treat coming to us the week of December 30/13 on Dear Angela on Happiness and Success!!

Let’s clear out any blocks to our happiness and success!  ft Valerie Schultz        

Valerie Schultz, a talented Healer will be joining us again and help us get rid of any blocks as they arise on our path to joy and prosperity…AND she will also be doing a group clearing to release those blocks!!

We have talked a lot about how to get in touch with our authentic selves, how to set intentions, how to love ourselves just the way we are, and how to harness the law of attraction to work for us.  We have even touched on limiting beliefs and talked with Valerie previously about clearing negative energy.

Watch this quick intro video from our last show to help clear negative energy around you from others:

Now we are talking about how to get through those stumbling blocks that inevitably get in our way!

We will be talking to you about the connection between mind, body and soul, and how this knowledge can help to identify those blocks and clear them so you can move forward with more confidence and ease.

Did you know that anxiety and fear are normal parts of growth and success?

Do you know how to tap into your body and feelings to clear any negative energy that may be holding you back towards your goals?


Listen to the show to find out how easy it can be when you learn some simple techniques!

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Valerie, proprietress of La V light healing is living her dream; making her luxurious, supernatural shea butter products,  mantra charged prayer beads, jewelry, and doing her healing work – her calling.

She is from a line of Curandera healers and many of her gifts were awakened while growing up in the rich cultural heritage of Mexico.  Valerie now blends the magic of many cultures. She studied with a Marabu Shaman of Mali who taught her the ways of the Baobab tree, plants, and the elements. She found her healing path naturally led her to become a Japanese Reiki Master. Her strong Curandera intuition is made even more powerful by the Reiki and her energy work is tangible.

Valerie shares the wisdom and knowledge she has gained on her spiritual healing path, during one-on-one spiritual empowerment sessions, (in-person and long distance), and in various workshops that she offers in Colorado and online.

Valerie believes that everyone has the capacity to heal themselves, and sometimes lack the tools to do so.  All of Valerie’s uplifting and empowering products and services are intended to give people support as they heal, and align to their full potential.

Visit her website here:

For More info on Angela angela-goodeve


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