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P14/7b Introducing Coach Brandi

Airing 20th on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest and New PLV RADIO host Brandi Nelson

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I am delighted to announce that Coach Brandi is joining us as a host on PLV RADIO with her own show called “ Empower Hour ” today we will discover what she is all about and what she will be bringing to you the listener each week.

Coach Brandi is a Certified Spiritual Intuitive Coach and Energy Medicine Therapist.  She combines her personal experiences on the spiritual journey with her training in various modalities to provide a holistic therapy which supports Natural Healing, Transformation and Empowerment.

She began her yogic journey in 2001 by learning the practice of meditation.  This journey led her into the deeper study of yogic practices and energy medicine, where she discovered the innate power we all have to manifest a life of peace, ease and abundance.

Coach Brandi teaches we are completely responsible for the energy we are contributing to our life situations at any given moment. She knows we have the power to shift anything in our life that is not in alignment with our hearts desire; however it is only through awareness of our thoughts and feelings that we are able to do this.

She understands the impact this knowledge can have not only for an individual but for our society as a whole.  Her passion for guiding others back to health and wholeness is very apparent in her work, and it is with a compassionate and gentle approach that she shares teachings that not only support the healing process but empower every person she works with.



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:


Twitter: Ask_CoachBrandi

More on Sara /meet-sara-troy


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