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P14/40b There’s a Hero Inside of You

Positive Living Vibration with Sara Troy and her guest Tony Edgell, Originally Aired on September 30th 

Tony Edgell found out the hard way that there is nothing more unmotivating than working just for a paycheck and believing money and materialism will bring happiness, or selling our soul for what we have been taught will make us happy.

Tony says that “I left a comfy and secure corporate America job to pursue my life purpose of inspiring and empowering people to find their purpose and to live their dreams. I found my calling, and I’m dedicated to helping others uncover the life they, too, are called to live. In the past, I had serious anger problems. I used to get into bar room fights, and during my high school days, I was a bully, although you would never know it if you met me now.”

I’m not proud of my past, but I’m proud of how much I have evolved as a human being. I am extremely grateful that I took the Hero’s journey and evolved as a compassionate human being with a huge tender heart who loves to inspire those around me. I now live a joyful life full of peace and passion in Pennsylvania with my beautiful wife Gail and my daughter Annie, the dog.

The Hero Inside of You


Change Thoughts You Inherited in Life. Do you remember classes in school, family, or society telling you to follow your passion, purpose, and dreams? We have learned from society to get a good job and make lots of money regardless of whether it makes us happy. We go to jobs we don’t like because we have learned to sell our soul for a paycheck.

Have a Questioning Attitude. Leap out of complacency and change the word. Heroes like Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, and Gandhi all questioned authority and society’s “norms.”

Ignore FEAR. There are two kinds of fear—one is walking in a bad alley at night; the other is the voice in your head that says you’re crazy to follow your dreams and passion because you’re going to fail or be perceived as crazy. Everyone living their dreams ignored their fears.

Change Beliefs, Habits, and Your Comfort Zone. Perhaps the hardest but most rewarding thing in life is to make the changes necessary to be ALIVE and create an adventurous life following your heart and living with purpose.

Make Mistakes. Failure is not the opposite of success; it is an important part of success. To be successful at doing what you love, you will have to learn from challenges and obstacles. The key is to not let them stop you.

Tony Edgell will help you find meaning in your life by showing you how to tune into the personal message your heart is screaming to have heard. After listening to his own heart, Tony discovered the strength to leave the comfort of his corporate job and achieve the life he was dreaming of— a life of inspiring and empowering people to find their purpose and realize their dreams.



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