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P14/31a The Wholistic Mystic “Intuitive Interior Wellness Expert.”

Originally Aired August 5th on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Kim Louise Easterbrook 

How your home office and your bedroom are connected to the success of your business, your health, safety, your finances and your future. 


We do  not truly understand in how our surroundings can dictate our positive flow in life, nor how our soul numerology tells us who we are and where we are going. Why does this matter? because energy has to  flow to grow and we unknowingly put blockages in our way that stop that flow from happening.

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As a business owner it is important to understand that the flow of energy in our office space, bedroom and the rest of your environments is just as important as eating. If there are too many blockages our surroundings will take over and dictate the state of our health, our relationships our future and our success in business. Everything is energy. Once we transform and create that positive energy flow in our environment, we can then begin to grow and breathe into life, attracting all that we need for a long healthy life and successful business.

Kim Louise Easterbrook is nick named the Wholistic Mystic, has an accumulated 30 years experience as a Holistic Interior Stylist, Real Estate Stager, Business Feng Shui Consultant, Intuitive Interior Wellness Expert, Soul Numerologist and has been a published longevity research writer for the last 17 years.

Kim has known her own adversity along her path, losing 10 family members to cancer before the age of 37. This propelled her on a lifelong study in Interior Wellness joining forces with the Cancer Prevention Coalition.

Born with an intuitive ability to read energy imbalances in people and environments with a natural ability for feng shui her peers deemed her an “Elemental Intuitive.” Kim uses this gift to read the connection between the health of her client, the missing elements and the energy and architecture of a space. She has furthered her study in numerology, intuitive development and metaphysical studies.

Over the last 8 years Kim has added her service where she works more closely with entrepreneurial men and women business owners doing soul numerology readings. She goes deeper where she actually can see a past life soul costume that identifies her clients character in this lifetime. These costumes come through as spirit art.  This helps her clients with their business image and marketing to build a more successful career, while staying healthy, happy and joyful in their office space to achieve their dreams.

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The Wholistic Mystic  ‘Aligning your soul to the whole of your life’

Office: 604-380-1124

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