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ECO 17-31  Quantum Code One08 Water with Robert O. Williams and Bo Rinaldi

ECO Solutions with Sara Troy and her guests Robert O. Williams and Bo Rinaldi. On air from August 1st.

The H2Optimizer is co-invented by Robert O. Williams and Patricia Lee Leach & partnered with Michael Kelly, Bo Rinaldi, and Dea Shandera-Hunter to bring One08 products to the masses.

To align to the health of living cells, the device uses magnetism to energise and activate the water into a natural structure. In this process, the water also receives the Quantum Code Technology (QCT) which gives it lasting effects to balance the entire bio field of any living system.

A significant number of urban residents worldwide live in older homes and apartments with degraded plumbing and pipes, where this device is highly suitable for conditioning drinking and washing water and has the advantage of being easily installed and removed without any impact on the surrounding fittings.

One08 is an innovative global technology company with a mission to improve the lives of all human beings worldwide by developing and bringing to market scientifically based life-changing mobile apps and clean technology products that improve the health, performance and lifestyles of its customers. Future offerings from One08 will include additional mobile apps and patented clean technology products with Quantum Code Technology™ to positively affect global resources necessary for healthy living.


Robert O. Williams, and his Remarkable Book and a Heart+ App, Helping Humanity Move from Fear to Love

What happens when we live all emotions, thoughts and body feelings – as love – as opposed to just searching for love? We are free to give to others without need or fear. That love is the power – and it is pure heart consciousness.

Is it possible? Can we actually increase daily our ability to be in that state of love?

Yes, indeed, and Robert O. Williams has found two breathtaking ways to lead us there.

Williams’ experiences fired his desire to bring to mankind the gift that he had discovered, and he realised that scientific knowledge of that interface between the physical and the metaphysical could be the realm that would speed mankind’s move from fear to love. His tenacity and unwavering pursuit resulted in the Quantum Code Technology™ – a breakthrough that is destined to have a profound impact on manifesting a better world.




Bo Rinaldi Co-Founded and ran the largest software consulting company in Silicon Valley, from 1984- 2000. Bo helped engineer a successful purchase of the company TTN, by Spherion in 2000. Known as the Jerry Maguire of Silicon Valley, his clients ranged from little-known start-ups that grew into mega-corporations, to Apple, Oracle and IBM. Many times working with other CEOs, Bo provided senior technical talent and project leadership to many engagements including architecture and build out for E*Trade, Netflix,,, GetSmart, Skymall, NetObjects and Ticketmaster. Bo provided the key technology teams for Microsoft XML, Adobe’s Acrobat and Apple’s Quicktime. Bo provided executive leadership and high-performance teams for dozens of significant technology projects at Apple, including three for Steve Jobs personally. As the CEO of his restaurants and consulting company, he and his partners have won many awards while setting new standards for business leadership in their markets. Bo has interests and investments in the technology, nutraceutical, organic food, wellness and natural healing industries. Bo has been featured in the New York Times, CNN, Fast Company, MSNBC, Success Magazine and is also a best selling author and public speaker in the areas of new technology and innovation.


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Meanwhile, here is a little piece that was written about our water products:




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