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C16-50a “Warrior Goddess Energy” with HeatherAsh Amara

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest HeatherAsh Amara on air from December 13th


“If you don’t love and honor yourself with every fiber of your being, if you struggle with owning your power and passion, then it is time for an inner revolution! It is time to claim your Warrior Goddess energy.”

– HeatherAsh Amara

Two years ago the Warrior Goddess Training book became an overnight bestseller, and today what started as a book has become a movement of women around the world. While Warrior Goddess Training is the manual, the new Warrior Goddess Way book takes you deeper into specific areas that most women are struggling with: Forgiveness of self and others. Not apologizing. Accessing our inner stillness. Confidence from being authentic. Saying yes and saying no with power and love. And so much more. Warrior Goddess Training Companion Workbook

Join us is a conversation on how we can embrace our inner Warrior Goddess and reset our vibration to welcome a New Year a new direction of self love.



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Warrior energy is our power: focus, dedication, purpose, determination. When we harness our warrior energy we are confident, clear, and bring 100 percent of ourselves to each action.

Goddess energy is our creative flow: unconditional love, pleasure, passion, wisdom. When we claim our goddess energy we live in joyful self-acceptance, self-respect, and listen to our innermost knowing.”

Excerpted from Warrior Goddess Way: Become the Woman You Are Destined to Be

In my first Warrior Goddess book, Warrior Goddess Training, I was able to take the core of my twenty-five-plus years of apprenticeships, living, and teaching and distill them into ten lessons for helping women find their inner freedom. When I first gave the manuscript to my publisher, Randy Davila, I told him about my dream of Warrior Goddess Training  being much more than just a book; I saw a Warrior Goddess global movement of women inspired to reclaim their full voice and power. Randy’s response is what I love about working with him: “Let’s do it!”

What we didn’t know then was that the movement would grow beyond both of our expectations from the first day Warrior Goddess Training was published.

A little more information about me that you might not know: I have a unique combination of training: a major in International Community Development that ignited my passion for creating and supporting community, a ten-year shamanic apprenticeship with don Miguel Ruiz including advanced teacher training, ten years of teaching with the Ruiz family, and 25 years of working with women in circles. I am a Sundoor Firewalk Instructor Trainer and Empowerment Coach and have been facilitating firewalks for the past 25 years, and training people to lead firewalks for the past 5 years. I am on faculty at Wisdom Graduate Studies, a part of Ubiquity University, and have participated in several Sacred Leadership Trainings. And I’m the proud mama of Warrior Goddess Training, The Warrior Goddess Companion Workbook, and The Toltec Path of Transformation. My teachings combine the most powerful tools from a variety of traditions.

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